Cavendish Cooks

- A business offering home cooked, frozen meals

A brand design to reflect the new owners...

Cavendish Cooks, a business offering home cooked, frozen meals, were under new ownership when they approached us to update the branding of the company to reflect the new owners and the business’s revival.

Sector: Artisan

What we did:

We developed a complete branding system which included logos as well as design elements which could be used across a variety of platforms. As the biggest component of their business, we focussed on updating their packaging where high eco standards were paramount as well as the functionality and we devised a way to clearly segment the products into six categories using a flexible system of sleeves and labels. Bold, bright, fun colours across everything make the products stand out in quite the busy, usually serious market.

The branding was rolled out across social media, in-store freezers and printed material and we also designed and built a simple placeholder website. Sometimes a lot of what we do isn’t a large scale overhaul or over the top thinking but clear, considered choices which make brands shine.


Mercer hit exactly the right note with the Cavendish branding. Modern, bright, and attention grabbing - exactly what we needed to make our range of products stand out.