Nicky Lllewellyn

- Outstanding floral designer who has worked for many famous names

Updating doesn’t mean drastic change...

We’ve worked with Nicky for over ten years and this is the third major update we’ve done to her website. She wanted the new site to have more of a visual impact. We introduced bigger, bolder imagery and to make sure the site was constantly fresh we added her Instagram feed as a recurring footer on every page. The site isn’t huge, but with the use of vibrant colours and client quotes it really bears testament to the wonderful work Nicky produces.

Sector: Artisan

What we did:

Updating a website can seem like a scary and costly process, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple reworking of Nicky’s site meant she kept the integrity of her previous sites but she had the opportunity to make the content more current. Sometimes a simple reworking can refresh the whole look and feel of a site without having to do a huge amount of work.


From their first inception of my website to the most recent update, Mercer Design have been brilliant about keeping it up to speed with evolving technology while pushing the boundaries on the design side which is so important to reflect and project the personal and creative nature of my flower business. The only problem is that they do such a good job each time, I never want to move on!